"the hats begin to fly and now thoughts of summertime are rampant. everyone who does not suck begins to clap each other on the back and smile."

alright, so to avoid the temptation of using this blog in the future and writing about my feelings and turning this into some sort of shitty livejournal i am hereby ending it. it served well its purpose as a venue for progress and feedback on my thesis but its time is over. the thesis is almost complete, a few small changes to be made before final output and then it will be posted,

but not here.

no, the grand internet premiere will be on my own website. www.shayneryan.com

there is nothing there now, but soon. i promise.

thanks for playing.




"he then closes with yet another joke about death perplexing some, and scaring most of the children"


so woot. woot infucking deed. sequence 01 = done.

providing there are no super awful errors thus far unrealized.

pretty pleased.
so much more to do though.
back to maya.


"but hp gets ronnie’s back by issuing a comment or two so deft i can’t even start to reproduce them here. "

so again totally not thesis related, these are the exercises i've done so far for my character animation class. 4 hws: walk cycle, lift, pitch, and interaction. i'm liking them, though they all still need work. id say they are about at 85 percent done...ish...

yeah, they should make good spots for my animation reel come june


back to thesis now.


"yes, yes is still the answer. yes to life and yes to magic".

not gonna lie. kind of excited when i test comped these shots. go america.

rendered sequences soon.



“well bless my nippers,” cries harry. “bless them all day long.”

so, the lab flashback. woot. gonna do a motion render of this soon and see how it works. im liking it though. was going for a really violent color change from the blue and a saw like style.

more to come soon. or else..


"harry makes that mental note, i assure you. the mental notes are stacking"



here is my updated work in progress. still have so much animation left to do its making me sick. cause then i have to render. and you know how awesome that is.

i also have some new test renders and the model for my throne room which i'll post later/tomorrow.

i'm really getting worried about finishing on time now. i need more computers.