the sweet wizard in remission is psychically linked with the beautiful snake; having dreamt himself of eating leopards, boars, and dik diks.

some frames i had to render for my thesis class as a lighting exercise. but i threw the guard
character in there so i figured i would then throw them up here. i like the light glow and i think i am going to use that as some reference for when i finally render my own scenes.



i'm broke, hagar. what do i do? hagar happily extends a finger at the goblin bank of wobble columns...

so i decided to go ahead and start modeling an environment. still in its bare bones but i'm liking it. nurbs are my new best friend. there are a few too many curves and frills and what not currently, slowing it down at render time, but after some tessellation tweaks and another few days of modeling, i should have an eerie industrial cathedral going.

or i could just have a mess of lofted nonsense.

but im hoping for the first.