the family porkums is hit palpably with shame. yes harry, do laugh on. laugh right in their unthinkable faces.

so, what do you know, i finally got my guard character modeled and rigged. im sure i'll have to revisit it a few times before its really done, but its ready to start animating, and thats all that matters.


harry must repress his urges of igniting in a demonstrative fireball, ending the lives of these three little pigs; but our wolf remains cool.


alright, here i am to finally make good on my word.
above is my previz. below are my excuses...

the music is a temp track by brand new. most likely will be re-scored. some continuity errors exist (ie. his position and blood in the light bulb rack focus shot) but that is because i re-cut this from an earlier version and did not re-render every shot. i think it still gets the action across.

my story is an adaptation using classic characters from the arthurian legend, but set in a future world where old merges with new. the knights are part robotic, the hero is bionic, and the castle itself is an old cathedral consumed by industrial debris. sketches and concept art and 3d to follow.

so the first scene is the boy arthur (white) talking to merlyn (green). the dialogue is taken directly from t.h.white's the once and future king. it shows all this promise and good intention of the boy before he becomes polluted by all the faults absolute power tends to bring. awww, right?


we meet mordred (blue), in the legend the bastard son of king arthur. here he is our hero, the unwilling product of his environment, trapped in the basement of the castle. his blood relation to the king in this story is absent, and not even that important. he's just supposed to be a captured and betrayed everyman.

so mordred wakes up, not sure where he is. the experiments performed on him cause him to lapse into headaches and flashbacks. he finally clears his thoughts and realizes that the doors to the prison cell are open.
he looks around to find two dead guards (orange) and blood on his own hands. he takes off down the hall.

he encounters logres guards in the caina. (logres being the term used to refer to arthur's kingdom historically and caina being one of the lowest regions of hell reserved for blood traitors....oooooohhhhhh snap. here its just an elevator lobby)
they are chopped up fragments of men who have been all but taken by arthur's projects.

mordred fights them in the dark. kills 'em. cause he has like...extra...bionic power...stuff.

he takes the elevator and ascends to the throne room.

he encounters the king arthur. i should also explain at this point that merlyn is now trapped by arthur and chained to the wall next to his throne. so mordred and arthur exchange dialogue that wont ever compare to t.h.white's but to paraphrase:

"i made you"
"i didn't want it"
"you stabbed me"
"yeah, i'll do what i want now"

mordred leaves. arthur enacts mordred's circuits "lysine contingency" plan as he's dying.

merlyn, as a ghost-floaty thing, appears infront of mordred. mordred dies.

so yeah, there are alot of things going on in there that i doubt will get picked up at all in the final production...or even should be. tried to kind of make it have some meaning but if you preface a project with a "what i was trying to do here" i feel like you have failed already. so i mean, if worse comes to worst, i'll still have sci-fi-violence and guns.

go america.