“holy balls. i’m not doing that,” he thinks. “willikers.”


so the deal is, my hardrive decided on christmas eve to completely fry. yep. merry fucking christmas. goodnews is i had a backup of my thesis. bad news, it was a week old. so i lost a chunk of finals week work. so yeah, that was awesome. but onward and upward. or whatever.

this is the opening sequence at about 85-90 percent animation. im trying to get this together before moving on so i can start rendering (and soundtracking) this while working on other parts. so any feedback as to what works and doesnt in this part would be sweet.

i have since changed my story to be more realistic for my time frame. sadly, merlyn is no longer appearing. arthur will never actually meet mordred, but will still be the guy behind all those cool monitors which i have yet to build.


its gonna be a busy 2 months.