"wands, magic sands, one turkish massage owl… where can i ever obtain such obscurities?"


yeah. anyway. once in hd. and in motion. pretty pleased with the progression. i only wish i had more ram; mental ray errors are shitty.

providing no serious problems, should have a rendered shot (just one) in two days.



“well, ‘just harry’, i imagine that lions are just lions, and gods are just gods.

also, forgot to mention that i have decided to drop the toon lines. i like them...but i dont. i'll probably switch back and forth 100 times, but for now, consider them 86ed. also, here is an update on the caina...hopefully all goes well and i can have it rendered in motion with some animated characters...if i can ever get them to look good.

yes, i could have just amended the post i made 20 minutes ago, but this was a different topic. also, im looking for any reason i can find to look at wizard people dear reader quotes.

a victory for upfish!


i must make my move in this masking of a snowstorm and i will take one letter into my room and whisper it to my horses and see what they think.

oh dear reader, behold, the magic of houdini.

alright, so anybody with an eye for 3d can see that the fire and smoke aren't reflecting and the flame is pretty dull and blah blah but for my first render out of houdini, i think its pretty sweet. i photoshop-ed a quick sketch of a sky and foreground to show what the shot is more or less supposed to be (those each to come later from matte painting/maya), but the ocean, ship, fire, and smoke are all straight out houdini. plus they all animate. so, all in all, i think alright.


this is a test of dyamics to make light bulbs explode. its only the "glass" part now, will have all the nice sparks and such and you know... a background, but i think it more or less works. something is a bit off, but nothing a change in the gravitational acceleration constant wont fix. mmmhh. yes. take that, physics.

cant wait to escape this.