but lo ho ho dear reader...

so i caved and decided i couldn't wait to do an anim-test of those jiggly muscles.
and im pretty pleased.
the model still needs weights painted, especially around the elbows and shoulers, and has no facial rigging yet, and will eventually be rendered with a displacement map/texture that makes him look more human and less like a crappy doll.

excuse me, action figure.

plus, its a little too jiggly especially in the pecs but i think as a proof of concept it serves its purpose. it adds some nice extra impact motion.

...his face....is the worst...

alright, like anything else, i am going to forget to diligently update this cause i get sidetracked. but ill do my best.

first order of business will be to upload my previz once i do some more editing (3:30 is just asking for trouble. gonna shoot to have it safely under 3 minutes, ideally 2:45-ish.) you can expect that within the next day or so. i know, the wait is painful. just hold on a little longer.

spent today at framestore animating a charmin bear test until i felt kind of awful and headed home. hopefully i can find time to go back cause the project looks pretty sweet.

so far this week i've gotten my main character ready to start key-posing; complete with some dynamically jiggly muscles in his upper body. woot. i'll try to have a test clip of him up soon. plus i developed a script to make a camera rig with hand held motion noise. bourne style.

im going to begin to work on the guard character's model tonight. hopefully can knock that off this weekend.

check back often and set me straight.



a book on tape. chapter one.

alright. i have a blog. i guess i'm that guy now.

in my own defense, i have only agreed to do this to document progress as i work on my senior thesis project. we are required to keep a production journal all year. with my ability to be easily sidetracked by internet fads, combined with my hatred of marble notebooks, i figured a blog would be a nice way to ensure i actually keep track of everything. plus a notebook would be a little harder to post a playblast in.

for those unfamiliar with the thesis, i will familiarize you in the near future, and then some. if you are taking a look around, make yourself useful and tell me what you think. i will at least pretend to listen. honest.


or not.