"he’s a wizard with uncanny powers, but this guy is so evil, as soon as he came out of the womb, he put a scar on his own forehead."


some frames.

about 95% done on setting these shots up. still have to tweak some things to speed up my render times.

hopefully ill have this and several other shots all set up to begin rendering out sequences this week.



"the boys have to admit, this creature posing as a humanoid has some chops, definitely some chops, indeed. "

so, slowly but surely, progress. i guess.

this is a test image of the o.r. for the flashbacks in the opening. you can which shots this is used for as they are so subtely designated with 'shot missing' in the animation post below. still have to add the people and animate them...but its a step.

also still have to animate some nice heart monitor-ish stuff for those 2 blank screens.

now, i really really need to animate. a shit load. so look for that soon i hope.