harry produces many a wine-out-of-nowhere spell, and is drunk every day before noon

dear blog,

its me, shayne.
its been a while i know.
i used to keep diligent tabs of my thesis progress on you,
but lately, i haven't even come to you to complain about how slow it goes.
i'm sorry blog.
you deserve better.
i'll change, i swear.
i'll come here at least twice a week and let you know whats going on.
cause you are my favorite blog.
my only blog.

<3 shayne


been really busy on ...everything. reworked my mordred model and re-rigged the muscles. also fixed a lovely hip spinning problem i only discovered as i animated him walking backwards. all better now. im almost done with his facial rig too.

i have first passed animated about 30 seconds almost, bringing some of the shots a little past that first pass even. I will hope to have that posted here in the next day or 2.

i spent a day teaching myself sub surface scattering and then decided that realism just isn't gonna do it for me. my models aren't totally anatomical or realistic and its just not as interesting unless its textured and lit perfectly. and it wont be.

so i started playing around with some weird ramp shaders and post processing the frames alot. not going to toon shade by any means, but i can use them to get some really expressive colors and shadows. considering my concept sketch above had my main character bright blue, it might be more to my liking when its done.

again, hopefully, something to show in the near future. just gonna make some more blendshapes tonight.