"the scene is so beautiful. the landscape is literally peppered with painters working out masterpiece after masterpiece."

though unrelated to thesis, figured i would post this. cause i like the attention. my final project for lighting and rendering. pretty pleased. top one was all mental ray (and not the will frazier "im an ass hole and i love to press just one button and have my thesis look money because i don't know what i'm doing. also I like boys" easy render button. its under the mental ray tab, trust me. look around. you'll find it.) , bottom one was software (plus the obligatory occlusion pass. man, is occlusions sweet.)

so thats the end of the semester. so much work left to do by march, but not this week. this week is vacation. and is going to be completely maya free.


no maya.

i swear.



“follow them, harry,” says harry to himself. “follow them or die.”

so here is the magic from a program named after another wizardly harry.


so, yeah, totally not finished. i had to get it ready for my houdini final. the smoke, fire, and water are all out of houdini. for a first time user, i can live with it. in reality all 3 will be rerendered by the time the shot is "ready" in spring. Smoke could use more plumes/particles. water could use some smaller waves with less noise in the distance. fire could use not to look like ass. but whatever.

Also the foreground will be animated with some sweet breathing and coughing animation. woot.

all in all, i think fair progress.

especially since the shot will just get filtered like f*ck in some sort of "FLASHBACK!" way and will be on the screen for most likely half this time.


one more project to go...