"harry makes that mental note, i assure you. the mental notes are stacking"



here is my updated work in progress. still have so much animation left to do its making me sick. cause then i have to render. and you know how awesome that is.

i also have some new test renders and the model for my throne room which i'll post later/tomorrow.

i'm really getting worried about finishing on time now. i need more computers.


Gingashi said...

the animation is kickass... the "acting" so to say of the character is so convincing and the story is really nicely contained in this short (with the flashbacks, and the shot of the guy in charge saying "find him now"). the "money shot" is really sweet. With the lighting there the effect will be very dramatic.

Cori said...

its cool, but some of the things don't match up...unless i'm completely wrong here....in the first scene he doesn't have that metal circuitry on his head and in the end he does....that could just be me or the distance...not sure

nemesis x said...

dude. air tight. the camera work flow and pacing of it all is gonna make people forget that someone had to animate and spend days figuring how to make the glass break.I really don't have anything bad to say.